expansion next year. According to this tipster, the raid features more enjoyable boss fights than those in the Vault of Glass Raid and mixes up the gameplay with a sparrow chase to Neverwinter Astral Diamonds sequence. Given that the first Destiny Raid is easily one of the best parts of the game we're not surprised to hear this Raid is on par, if not better, in quality.And lastly, it appears that some of the new gear coming with the DLC will raise the level cap to 32, which is the recommended level for Hard on Crota's End.


Rumored names and ratings for the armor to Cheap Fut 17 Coins pieces are out there thanks to some dedicated Reddit users.Again, it's important to take all this info with a grain of salt, but given that players are already discovering on-disc DLC areas it isn't hard to believe these other details are out there. At this point, Bungie might as well come out and say what exactly gamers are paying for.What do you think of the new subclass options? Are you looking forward to a new Raid? Reddit, Planet DestinyFollow Anthony on


 Twitter @ANTaormina Where is the Patch That Makes 'Destiny' Better?. Although anticipation for Destiny prior to release was at an all-time high, it didn't take long for players to realize that what developer Bungie promised and what they ended up delivering were not one in the same. Specific components of the purported sprawling open world and epic story were there, but what was initially thought to be a deep MMO-like experience quickly turned into a disappointing grind fest.Since


launch however, Bungie has done well to keep Destiny players happy by regular patching in useful features (like a less confusing loot system) and patching out more problematic ones. But most of these patches have been focused on the microslightly changing the make-up of Destiny without drastically impacting the experience. Which leaves us to wonder: where are the patches that actually improve the game?While we don't have any clear-cut answers as to how Bungie could make Destiny more to https://www.mmogo.com/