be fully transcribed, as it was mostly intuition-based. It was clear that the game had to be an endless runner, which basically means that the player can never finish the game, and getting better would mean higher scores and more play. This would allow for my "short fun" direction.I struggled a lot more on NBA 2K18 MT  what an effective game mechanic should be to produce a great gameplay for touch devices. The simplest of all mechanics on a touch screen is the "tap


I wasn't feeling right about it, as it is overused and you probably end up with an experience not so original.Then I looked at swipes. Swipes are simple but at the same time elaborate enough to  NBA 2K18 VC resemble real life "game" actions. For example, a swipe can be a throwing action in real life. So I centered my thinking around throwing stuff with your fingers.I did some prototypes of throwing circles and hitting rectangles and it was fun. Through an experimentation process, I ended up


the "sling" throwing mechanic. You basically swipe in the opposite direction of the intended. This was a revelation. The inverted swipe posed a slight challenge to the players brain, that as one started to get it, it gave a very cool feeling of accomplishment.I went out and gave it to friends so I could test reactions. As people were getting it, you could see fingers pointing all over the screen? fights over the who plays next, etc? I was convinced.Mr. Pop Corny is a popcorn loving


idea of the pop corn, the popcorn-loving monster came from my sister during a brainstorming session. So we had a theme. Next we started thinking of ways to enrich the experience and keep the players' interest for longer time.One of the elements that worked was the "box progression." I got the idea originally from Tiny Wings, and the way you upgrade nests, but found out that it is a common thing in the iPhone games field. So the user has to complete certain objectives to