if I was smarter than those who'd been transfixed by it, or just weaker. But now Dark Souls is out... Before I could go on I would have to go back, and to  FIFA Coins my enormous surprise, I found that I wanted to."What did she learn? "There are strong arguments to be made that this experience is one of the great virtues of games, one of the great reasons they aren't wasted time and empty power fantasies.""Going back to Demon's Souls made me realize I've spent all year playing failure games.


. Shiren the Wanderer. Desktop Dungeons. Dungeon Raid. Most recently The Binding of Isaac. These are games where failure is inevitable. Where progress is impossible without it. Where there is no success beyond the things you learn and the stuff you gather. Where the only victory is learning how to NBA 2K18 MT coexist productively with failure."What else did Demon's Souls and these games teach Robertson -- about being a better game developer, not just being a better player? Read the full feature, live now on Gamasutra, and find out.


  3D game development platform Unity recently surpassed a 750,000 registered users milestone.According to Unity Technologies, some 200,000 of those registered users -- or 26 percent -- are active on a monthly basis.A majority of those registrations (500,000) came within the last year, following the launch of major initiatives that include the popular Asset Store and the Union initiative, which eases cross-platform integration."We're amazed at how rapidly Unity continues to grow


popularity globally," said Unity Technologies CEO David Helgason in  mmogo a statement. "The continuing growth of the platform demonstrates that when provided with excellent tools, developers will embrace them in numbers that surpass anything anyone imagined."Installation of the Unity Web Player also saw growth during the period: the 80 million installations the company reported is double the 40 million it claimed a year ago.The Unity suite contains both an editor and a game