Kyrie Irving was the best player on the floor. He scored 30 points in 41 minutes and was 11-of-21 from the floor. LeBron, meanwhile, only needed to add 20 points, and with that the Cavaliers had a 113-100 win and a 1-0 series lead.This is what LeBron always wanted: to not have to carry the scoring load, to NBA Live Coins be able to give the ball to a teammate and tell him to create something. In Dwyane Wade,


he had that, but Wade's body could no longer make it through the Buy NBA 2K18 MT postseason. Irving's likely will, which means LeBron can keep having games like he had on Sunday, when he added in seven assists, six rebounds and two steals. That he only attempted four foul shots shows just how little he was attacking. That the Cavaliers were still able to win by 13 shows how he no longer needs to attack.


For Boston, the season has already been a success. This was a team that no one -- its front office included -- expected to make the playoffs this year. To their credit, the Celtics were able to hang around in Game 1, but the Cavaliers are just too talented. Maybe if Isaiah Thomas goes off at some point (he had 22 points in 32 minutes in Game 1), Boston can steal one of these games.


But the Celtics will need a great performance to avoid heading back to Boston down 0-2. That being said, you know they won't be making it easy for the Cavaliers. The Celtics still have two great perimeter defenders in Avery Bradley and Marcus Smart and a smart coach in Brad Stevens. This is not a group that will roll over. That doesn't mean that they're going to win the series,


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