North America and Europe on February 22, 2012.Kinect in Japan: One Year Progress ReportA year after Kinect's Japanese launch, local magazine Famitsu Xbox 360 has revealed surprisingly low hardware and software sales numbers for the motion-sensing device. In the last 12 months, retailers have sold only 114,000 Kinect units in the FIFA Coins Japanese market.Famitsu offered this full month-by-month breakdown, according to a report from Japanese blog SokuhoHokanko:November 2010:


,800December 2010: 43,200January 2011: 14,800February 2011: 5,040March 2011: 3,160April 2011: 2,100May 2011: 1,910June 2011: 3,470July 2011: 2,980August 2011: 2,460September at cheap trove flux 2011: 1,900October 2011: 3,333Novemebr 2011 (up to November 13): 1,980The top selling Kinect compatible game is Kinect Adventures, which is bundled with the system and thus has 114,000 sales. Here's the full top 10:Kinect Adventures 114,000Forza Motorsport 4: 24,900Dance


: 22,400Kinect Sports: 13,000You Shape Fitness Evolved: 12,300Dance Central: 8,690Kinect Animals: 5,350New Brain Training: 4,930Sonic Free Riders: 4,160Fighters Uncaged: 3,470As of June 2011, Microsoft's Xbox 360 console has sold 1.5 million units in Japan since debuting there in December 2005.PS3 Ni no Kuni Sold Only 40% Of StockNi no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch moved just 40 percent of its retail stock in the game's first week of release in Japan (Namco


will bring it to North America in early 2012), an indicator that it is not meeting developer and publisher Level-5's expectations.For comparison, last week's top-selling game, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 for PS3, sold 180,000 units (and 30,000 on Xbox 360), or 75 percent its stock, which is usually as high as sell-through rates get before retailers start reporting that they've sold through their stock.Despite selling less than half of mmogo  its shipment, Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch was still the third best-selling game, behind Modern Warfare 3 and Namco Bandai's Nintendo DS game One Piece: Gigant Battle 2, in the previous week with more than 67,000 copies purchased.