and mobile game planning and development, but planning and development for other content like character goods, events, books, music and video. Mega Man co-creator Inafune spent 23 years with Capcom before leaving his executive role in late in 2010, claiming "there's nowhere higher for me to go NBA Live Mobile Coins." In recent years, Inafune became an outspoken critic of Japanese game development and business models as they faced challenges competing in the global marketplace. Following his exit from Capcom, he said he saw the Japanese industry as responsible for "the changing of its creators into salarymen," and sought to rediscover the value in his own brand.


Developer Robin Antonick, who was instrumental in the creation the Buy Elysium Gold original computer version of John Madden Football, is suing Electronic Arts for two decades worth of royalties on derivative works, which could amount to tens of millions of dollars.In a lawsuit filed Wednesday in California District Court [PDF], Antonick alleges EA used technologies Antonick developed for the original Madden -- released in 1988 and 1989 for the Commodore 64, MS-DOS and Apple II


in developing subsequent versions of the title for a variety of different platforms.The lawsuit highlights innovations the original game brought to virtual football, such as 11-player sides, 3D camera technologies, instant replay features and "sophisticated models of player behavior in place of static rules-based gameplay."These models formed "the foundation of the Madden franchise," according to the lawsuit, and make further games in the series subject to a 1986 contract that promises


Antonick 1.5 percent of the profits from any "derivative works" made for  MMOGO  different hardware.EA has withheld those royalties, Antonick says, by arguing that subsequent Madden games were developed independently of Antonick's computer version. When Park Place Productions was brought in to develop the 1990 Sega Genesis version of the game, the company allegedly told Antonick that his IP would not be used because the title was going in a new, more "arcade"-focused direction