I take part in, here in Austin, is fire spinning. There is a big circus arts community here. I don't spin myself, but I'm friends with people who do. I go to the events. They have a concept of flow. To FIFA Coins them, flow is when you are in a state of perfect, continuous creativity through your art.It's something you get in the performing arts that is missing in digital arts and prepared arts. When I'm making a video game, I'm not interacting directly with the player. I'm creating something that will


and interact with the player for me, hopefully creating a profound experience. But it's not me scaring the player. It's this thing I've made. As a designer of an interactive experience, instead of trove how to get flux a performer of an interactive experience, I don't get to have that one-on-one communication with the player. I don't get that conversation with the audience that a performer has. A performance like fire-spinning is very much a conversation. But I can't go back and forth with the audience.When I


a player coming out of Deep Sea and taking deep breaths, it's satisfying because it is the part of the conversation that I am otherwise missing. It is seeing the player respond to my work. That gives me a delayed sense of flow--a feeling that pushes me to keep going and to do better things. Do you plan to keep scaring people in the future?Actually, no. What I'm really interested in now is using everything I learned from Deep Sea -- about how to put players into an


state--and using it to produce positive experiences. For Burning Man 2011, I made a project called Synapse, that also played at IndieCade, that is euphoric and takes advantage of the player's creativity and flow. It all comes back to flow--giving the player a tool to find flow, and to feel creatively empowered. I think that's more beautiful than scaring somebody at https://www.mmogo.com/