Tom Abernathy who, simply put, said that Were not serving half our audience, specifically the female half.Our own Denis Farr, also of the Vorpal Bunny Ranch blog, has been writing about characters from Half-Life 2 this week: first was Alex and Eli Vance, then came Dr Breen and G-Mans turn. This week David Banahan at Bitmob begins a piece by talking about his wifes relationship with Fallout 3, and the ability to NBA Live Coins save/reload at will, and ends up meditating on what the


would be like without that ability. Funnily enough, I have a little bit of NBA 2K18 VC insight into what that would be like as well. Speaking of permadeath, at Destructoid, blogger AwesomeExMachina is playing Fallout: New Vegas with self-imposed Permadeath as well as a raft of other self-imposed requirements. Food and water, it seemed, were the least of his worries, however, as it was the lack of HUD-based information that changed the game most significantly: "Early on, I foolishly rounded a


without caution and spotted what seemed like a lone wasteland savage, standing stoically in leather, spiked armor and touting an assault rifle. I took my advantage and opened fire on the target from the safety of my hilltop. He went down quick and I strolled up to search his cargo for some much needed supplies. It was only then I discovered the kindly wasteland merchant he was guarding cowered behind the burnt husk of an old car, previously obscured by a fallen billboard."Jordan


Magnuson, normally featured via his blog Necessary Games, has been busy Game Trekking the past few weeks (months?). This seems to be about attempting to nba18mt make games that reproduce something of the experience of trekking around the world. And at Edge Online, NGai Croal has written about Drowning by Numbers, talking about that ubiquitous issue that seems less to afflict all digital consumers after a long enough time: having too many games/mp3s/files/fodlers/etc to