more money on our side and hired a certification testing team, but we ran our own small QA effort and ran through the certification requirements on FIFA Coins our own. The end product is a better game for the extra testing Nintendo pushed on us, but we likely could have had the same results in a much shorter timeline."Beamdog is currently porting another enhanced version of a BioWare game, Baldur's Gate, to Mac and iOS devices. When asked on Twitter if Beamdog will consider bringing the


to Wii U, Oster replied, "We don't do Nintendo development. Our previous experience with Nintendo was enough to ensure there will not be another."He went on to Cheap Revelation Online Gythil describe Wii as "a toy, not a console" due to what he called an exceptionally low attach rate. Oster claimed people are buying the system to play Wii Sports and not purchasing any other titles, which he said is bad for developers.


  Newsbrief: Crytek has released an update for its free CryEngine 3 SDK, adding new features such as revamped DirectX 11 tessellation and an improved AI system.Version 3.4, available to download for free with a revenue share model in place for mercial applications, also includes a new multi-layer navigation mesh that allows AI agents to path-find through game maps, and improved skin rendering and eye shader options.The update also addresses a number of smaller improvements, such as improved glass rendering, geometric light beams and point light shafts. The full changelog for the update can be found on the Crytek website.


  Rocksteady's hit game Batman: Arkham City pitted the iconic dark knight against some of his greatest enemies, but according to Russell Arons, SVP of worldwide marketing at Warner Bros. Interactive, the character had far greater foes to overe in 2011, including notorious video game executives like Activision's Bobby Kotick, Ubisoft's Yves Guillemot, and EA's John Riccitiello.At the Gamasutra-attended Game Marketing Summit in San Francisco, Arons and other key marketing leads for the