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you can see, it's an item based on the Buy RS Gold new Runescape Card game, Chronicle. This book can be charged with cards purchased at any time following the Easter event from Diango. These charges can then be used as teleports to the Champions' Guild. You can purchase up to 10 of these cards per day from Diango. If you need RS 2007 gold to buy cards, you can buy cheap RS 07 gold on rsgole.Chronicle will open beta on 23rd MarchOn March 23rd the Open Beta begins, bringing a massive collection of new features and ways to play. It is high time for you to experience the next chapter in Chronicle's adventure.


From March 16th, anyone who made an account during the Closed Beta period will be given access to a week's head start prior to Open Beta, even if you didn't use your account during the Closed Beta! Upon logging in to the game you will given a series of Rewards: Pioneer Card Back, Emblem & Title, as well as enough Coins to start your adventure. Note that you won’t get these rewards once Chronicle opened Beta on 23rd March.As a game based on Runescape, you can will definitely


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