so we're pletely focused on making this game the best it can be on the platform we've chosen."As for Insomniac's AAA console game development, the pany has absolutely no intention of FIFA Coins leaving the space it is currently most familiar with. While it won't be developing any more titles in the popular Resistance franchise, it does still have at least one console title, Overstrike, still on the go."Of course, we're excited to see where Facebook, mobile and tablet games go in the future and are now well-positioned with games like Outernauts to help contribute to that collective direction," says Belden-Clifford.


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Rosa reacts to indie developers ranting about the EA Indie Bundle, calling on those developers to stop spreading the hate, and to stop with the "I'm too sexy for big publishers" attitude.The digital demise of wonder (Tom Battey)Has instant access to game solutions on the internet robbed video games of a sense of wonder? Tom Battey asks "Can clever game design stop players from effectively 'spoiling' games for