price reduction that lowered the price from $250 to FIFA 18 Coins $180.Sales of the 3DS through September the first full month that the 3DS was available at a lower price were 260,000 units, a 10 percent jump over August. Nintendo said it has sold nearly 450,000 3DS handhelds in the U.S. since the price reduction.Nintendo added that the 3DS game, The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time 3D, has become the first 3DS game to cross 500,000 units sold in the U.S.In all,


of America said it sold 647,000 hardware units in  FUT Coins September, including 240,000 units of the aging, standard-definition Wii console, which launched in late 2006. The company sold over 145,000 Nintendo DS handhelds during the month.Nintendo added that it has sold over 273 million Nintendo DS software units in the U.S. in total.The company is betting on strong 3DS software sales of Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 for this holiday season.


  For Nicole Thompson, executive producer for Disney's kid-friendly virtual world Club Penguin, the importance of fostering an online games community cannot be stressed enough.There are so many different kinds of communities," she said at GDC Online in Austin, TX on Thursday. "What were going to be talking about today is online communities, but a lot of the same [traits] of a [real-world] community have to do with an online community, she said. Were


here, were a community.Disneys Club Penguin recently announced that it has 150 million registered users. Maintaining that audience comes down to understanding the needs of the community. To u2fifa Thompson, a community is a group of people with shared values, interests and beliefs not a group of customers.A community is not a customer, she stressed. They are customers but we cant keep that in mind. [If we do] it will muddy the waters and probably lead to