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How long have you been working on the game?Halcyon is actually the fastest commercial title I've ever worked on. Kurt [Bieg] and I put it together in a quick two and a half months.

How did you come up with the concept?Weirdly, Halcyon came out of NBA Live Coins a few months of thought about an entirely different type of game. As soon as I got my hands on an iPad all I wanted to do was make some kind of deep, re-playable 2-player competitive game.


I spent a long time with prototypes for sort of a "Versus Missile Command style game with some light RTS elements, and had a lot of thoughts about how a tower-defense game could be structured to have opposing players. None of it ever came together into anything fun. What little did work was a core concept that the game had to be simple to grasp, but with so many elements happening at once that it would be impossible to Buy NBA Live Coins  keep track of them unless you were really good.


 That the ability for one player to be greater than the other would come from capacity to manage multiple objects, and not just strategic thinking.Then Erik [Svedang] released Shot Shot Shoot and I discovered that he had solved exactly what I was working on and in a way far better than I had managed to. So I scrapped the idea. Something that I found really interesting while playing Shot Shot Shoot, though, was its vague lines. Because you only have 5 bases,


you at first believe that the attack portion of the game is structured into 5 columns. Of course it isn't, but the layout makes the game more approachable. This concept really stuck with me, and it formed the basis for interaction in Halcyon.With my [competitive] game aspirations quashed, I changed my train of nba18mt thought to thinking about how to make a puzzle game like my previous iPhone game, Unify, for the iPad. I spent a lot of time thinking about it with no luck and then one day in the shower the mechanic of Halcyon hit me,