over time, the more they will spend," he explains. "There's an absolute connection between the lifetime value of the player... and giving them more to do."And keeping the mobile games not necessarily associated with the Habbo world can help broaden the audience and give players new ways to  FIFA Coins discover it, while Habbo players aren't bothered by the different universes. "Players are very flexible around the fiction of a game," LaFontaine says. "They'll go from Habbo to Niko and back


, and they understand they're going to earn points in Cheap NBA 2K18 MT a completely different world. There has not been a lot of resistance about that part."So long as the players have one clear location -- their Habbo home space -- to display their accomplishments and to gather their achievements, Sulake's demographic is happy, LaFontaine says. "They want to bring their points back and show they have completed the adventures... we have to be diligent to ensure they've got a place to show their rewards


The positive effect of this strategy for Sulake so far has interesting takeaways about mobile uptake among teens and young adults; LaFontaine says that adoption has been higher in countries where an iPhone is offered free with a mobile plan. "It does vary by country, so we make sure we do our marketing planning accordingly," he says.Users will "definitely" see more apps from Sulake along this strategy line in the future, according to LaFontaine. "You'll see us building some, and us


partnering with some well-known brands," he explains. "You'll see Habbo Hotel as a vehicle to move audiences from online to mobile... we'll work that audience-moving loop into their gaming, and it's an incredible lifetime value both for us and for partners. So you'll see more partner relationships going forward.""Mobile is a place where teens are; we want to get more skilled and have greater ability to move audiences from online to mobile," he concludes. "We think that's the name of the https://www.mmogo.com/