accessory manufacturers, smartphone owners finally have a gamepad accessory in the iControlPad, which is now shipping to preorder customers."- Gameloft's 9mm Now in NBA 2K18 MT App StoreTaking its cues from Max Payne and the Grand Theft Auto series, Gameloft's 9mm boasts a series of slow-motion shootouts and brawling sequences.- Five-Year-Old's Debut Game Sissy's Magical Ponycorn Adventure Arrives on iPad"The iPad version of Ponycorn Adventure is a faithful adaptation of the original Flash game, featuring HD crayon drawings, full voice acting, and five collectable Ponycorns."


[As part of his monthly analysis of NPD results, Gamasutra analyst Matt Matthews examines how digital models are offsetting Wii declines and the music game implosion.] Back in NBA 2K17 MT late 2009, Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter made headlines with his observation that persistent year-over-year declines in monthly software sales could be "leading investors to believe that the industry is in a state of secular [long-term] decline". A full 18 months have passed since that time,


those monthly software sales declines outnumber increases by 13 to 5. In the meantime, much has been made of the industry's attempt to monetize the online space where several casual, social, and free-to-play games have become successful. See, for example, the recent $750 million acquisition of PopCap games by megapublisher Electronic Arts. Simultaneously the market for apps on mobile devices such as phones and tablets has come into its own as a part of the


content market. What has not become clear is how much these two opposing trends - the decline of the traditional retail market and the rise of the digital goods market - have offset each other. Is the overall video game market growing or contracting? At what rate is it changing? The NPD Group has tentatively stepped into the  nba18mt  breach with its Games Industry: Total Consumer Spend report. While we are not privy to the full report, the NPD Group did release some details publicly