that we need to do something with these emotions outside of virtual environments. She called for gamers to take this into the real world, saying that games have been training us to  FIFA Coins do something extraordinary. Jane McGonigal illustrated her theory in describing her experience of the terrible concussion she suffered while writing her book Reality is Broken. He injury did not heal correctly, and she suffered from constant nausea and an inability to write, play video games or think. To cope,


created a game game that she hoped would promote optimism, curiosity, agency, awe, wonder in herself. Instead of talking about her problem, she wanted to play a game with my  at Cheap FIFA 18 Coins friends and caretakers, finding ways for them to engage with her in positive ways. If theres one thing that I want you to remember, its that gaming is unleashing our natural ability to be the best version of ourselves, she concluded. She believes that the 3 billion hours spent on games each week is more than worth it. She urged gamers to springboard their new abilities into the real world, and achieve extraordinary things with them.


European ratings board PEGI has told Ubisoft that it must remove its "misleading" We Dare advertisement from the internet, or face "immediate sanctions."Eurogamer is reporting that PEGI's Enforcement Committee has given the publisher three working days to comply, at which point it may impose a fine.The video advert shows four adults playing the game, and including using the Wii Remote as a spanking tool.In a statement, PEGI said "the advertisement does not accurately reflect


nature and content of the product and it misleads consumers as to its true nature."The organization said that the ad should be taken down immediately. The video has since been made private on YouTube.It was revealed yesterday that the risque title will not be released in the UK, following public reaction to fifaah  the 12+ rating of the game.The game will not be released in the U.S. either, and is aimed solely at continental Europe.