The VGX are coming up this Saturday and with the show focusing more on FIFA Coins more 'new content' than ever before, it might be the perfect place for Bethesda to announce the game, since they've used the venue to announce Skyrim and Fallout 3 in the past. Although, that's at odds with the countdown on the site which is set to end four days later, so even the likelihood of that prospect isn't exactly clear.Would Bethesda miss the chance to announce Fallout 4 at a huge event to


debut the game on their own terms? If the game is going to be Cheap FIFA 18 Coins announced at VGX, what is set to happen on the website on the 11th? Can gamers even trust that the website is even real? None of those questions are likely to be answered until at least Saturday, but it will be interesting to see if the community can put their heads together to uncover the secrets hidden in this new update. Sources: The Survivor 2299, 'Mad Max' Developers Talk Scavenging, Vehicles and Next-Gen.


The news surrounding Mad Max has been relatively quiet since its surprise reveal at E3 2013, taking gamers by storm before falling back into silence. With Avalanche Studios, the makers of the Just Cause series at the wheel, and a next-gen release in store, hopes are high.That isn't lost on the development team, who revealed in a recent interview their commitment to the film's universe, and how the mystery and cruelty of the post-apocalyptic wasteland will be preserved in


and design.Designing a game based on  u2fifa a film series is usually seen as a recipe for disaster these days, as movie tie-ins are more likely to end up in a bargain bin than a console tray. By placing their game in a sandy, drab post-apocalyptic landscape, Avalanche Studios is doubling their risk of getting lost in the shuffleMad Max on the cover, or no.Speaking with AusGamers, Senior Game Designer Emil Kraftling claims that passion is what's driving the project despite the odds,