In this weekly feature, Gamasutra rounds up the FIFA Coins week's most popular paid and free iPhone and iPod Touch games, as current on the iTunes App Store.This week's top paid iPhone game titles on the App Store, as captured on January 23rd 2012, are as follows:1. Scramble With Friends ($0.99)2. Where's My Water? ($0.99)3. Words With Friends ($0.99)4. Fruit Ninja ($0.99)5. Angry Birds Seasons ($0.99)6. Angry Birds ($0.99)7. Smash Cops ($2.99)8. Cut the Rope ($0.99)9.


($0.99)10. Bejeweled ($0.99)Newtoy's recently launched word puzzler Scramble With Friends tops iPhone app sales this week, overtaking former chart leaders Where's My Water? and Fruit Ninja.Words With Friends also enjoys a boost in popularity thanks to the success of Forza Horizon 3 credits Scramble With Friends, while Hutch's action game Smash Cops and PopCap's reissued Bejeweled secure spots in the latter half of the top ten.Here are this week's top free iPhone games:1. Temple Run2. Scramble


Friends Free3. Card Ace Casino4. Angry Piggy5. Life is Crime6. Blood & Glory7. Tap Fish 28. Pet Town9. Texas Hold'Em Poker10. SnappersImangi's reigning chart leader Temple Run fends off competition from a free-to-play version of Scramble With Friends and Self Aware Games' gambling title Card Ace Casino in today's Apple-issued rankings.Red Robot Labs' Android-ported multiplayer combat title Life is Crime enters the charts at fifth place, meanwhile, as Ourpalm's Angry Birds parody Angry Piggy finishes fourth.


Analyst firm Sterne Agee has reported that social games giant Zynga spent more money on pulling in new paying customers over the last nine months than those players paid back into the company's games.Speaking to news website Benzinga, Sterne Agee analyst Arvind Bhatia explained that Zynga lost $150 on average for each new paying customer during the current fiscal year, as the marketing costs outweighed average customer spending."They've given us the sales in marketing at