Final Fantasy XIII, the content is the monsters, characters, and the NBA 2K18 MT weapons they're using. The parameters are the values for all of their stats that affect combat, such as their health. The damage values when the hero strikes a monster are determined by rules, using the character parameters and some randomization.For a different kind of example, the content in Magic: the Gathering is the cards. Each card in the game represents a noun that players can summon, like a creature or land, or


action that players can perform, like casting a spell.The Buy NBA 2K18 MT rules define the different types of cards and how they function. This creature's special abilities also fall under rules, as does its "Creature" type, as that defines its functionality in the game's rules. The creature type, costs, stats, and ability values are all parameters.Designing a Game System in Five StepsOnce you're ready, break the task down into pieces and tackle one at a time. This is the process that I use to design and


game systems:Choose the parameters that your game uses.Design rules that are no more complex than necessary to implement your game vision.Define the progressions for how parameters change throughout the game.Design content types that are as complex and interesting as you can manage.Add new parameters, systems, and content types in layers as needed.Parameters are the first step because choosing them helps focus what aspects of gameplay need to be reflected in your


. While parameters are closely related to content, if you start by thinking of nba18mt all the types of content your game will include, it's easy to bloat your parameter list.Starting with parameters and then rules for how they interact helps you make the hard cuts up front and keep your content and rules lean.My next article will cover this process in more detail and offer guidelines for how to choose parameters, design rules, and design content types that will result in a system that is