We've done a lot of cool things there, but it's just a part of FIFA Coins our continual visual improvements for the Infernal Engine. We‭ ‬really want to be pushing the boundaries of visual quality with our engine technology.‭ ‬We'll also of course be rolling out additional improvements this year.‭ ‬You'll see us add several new platforms support,‭ ‬so that's really exciting for us.And Terminal Reality is saying this update is friendlier for more open world games and MMOs?‭Yeah, that's a possibility.‭


 A‬n open world game can be anything from a first-person shooter to  FUT 18 Coins an RTS or a simulator or‭ ‬driving game,‭ and ‬MMO is certainly an application there.‭ ‬You can see something like that can work with Infernal Engine.‭ ‬It's definitely a possibility.‭ ‬We have networking built into the engine based on RakNet, and they have some new functionality they just announced targeting MMO's,‭ ‬so that's certainly a direction somebody can take our engine.I remember in a Gamasutra article,


you were on that panel with all of the other engine makers at GDC Europe. You said that all of the engine makers are converging into the same market.‭ ‬Do you think that there's room for many more engine providers out there right now‭?Well there are certainly a lot of [engine] options, and in the traditional console space,‭ ‬we're in a very mature cycle right now,‭ ‬the hardware cycle has gone longer than it has in the past.‭ ‬And it's making for a market in


which the options for engine technology are probably fairly  at fifaah   comprehensive.I wouldn't imagine seeing any new entrants into that field moving forward.‭ ‬On the mobile side,‭ ‬things like portable game platforms and iOS and those kind of things,‭ ‬there seems to be a growth there and a lot of interest for developers to move in that direction.‭ ‬So yes,‭ ‬I see that there's plenty of room for growth there and we certainly are going to expand the Infernal Engine into those markets as we go along.