your holds.A "hold" is the short vulnerability window that you provide on a boss, so that the player can safely get their licks in you know what I'm talking about. It's the belly up, "have your way with me" moment.Anything less than one full combo is not enough NOT ENOUGH and remember to Madden NFL 18 Coins take into account the time it will take for your player to traverse over to the boss, too. You don't want to constantly keep giving the player a halfie.ExaggerationHowever much exaggeration you


is too much, it is not enough for  Cheap NFL 18 Coins a boss. Bosses are not about subtlety not at all. They are about larger than life shit happening to larger than life you. Here's the great thing about exaggeration: people don't actually like dying on your boss. They just want to feel like they are getting their ass kicked. Really.Go play a God of War boss. You can pretty much just pick ANY of them, as they all nail this, but this time instead of watching what is happening, just watch your health bar. You'll be


, I think. Kratos gets smashed, flattened, thrown, burned, and electrocuted about a billion different ways, but that little bar won't go very far, and every Vulnerability moment rewards tons of health, just in case.If someone has to constantly look up at the health bar to see how things are going, then you're pretty much doing it wrong. Remember, your job is not to prove how awesome your boss is, but to prove to the player how awesome they are, and you get there with lots of exaggeration.


but not least we have appeal. This is a tough one, but what was true for maddenvip Disney back then is true for bosses you design today:Appeal in a cartoon character corresponds to what would be called charisma in an actor. A character who is appealing is not necessarily sympathetic villains or monsters can also be appealing the important thing is that the viewer feels the character is real and interesting.If I don't want to look at it, then I'm not going to enjoy killing it. Simple as that.I always find Devil