doesn't include the mobile users," he said. "Enabling people to FIFA Coins play Words with Friends on every device they have wherever they are has been the key to its success." "We want to get one billion people to play together," concluded Schappert. "We can't do that alone, we have to work together as an industry to make that happen."


Newsbrief: AppMobi has released the public beta for Buy FUT Coins DirectCanvas, its acceleration technology for HTML5 games and apps that are on Android devices, and that use the HTML5 canvas element.The company claims that DirectCanvas will make screen refresh rates for HTML5-powered games on Android more than ten times faster -- giving it the same fluid responsiveness users would see on a native game.Like the iOS version of DirectCanvas released last November, this Android edition is also designed to accelerate sound and physics calculations, using the technology's MultiSound API and DirectBox2D API.


In his GDC presentation on the Harvest Moon series, Deadly Premonition executive producer Yasuhiro Wada teased two new possible installments of the series in collaboration with its director, Swery. While Wada spent the bulk of his talk reviewing the 16 year history of the farming franchise he created, he touched, in the end, on his future plans with his new company Toybox. While working at Deadly Premonition's Japanese publisher, Marvelous Entertainment


Wada was the executive producer of the Xbox 360 cult hit. The u2fifa game was developed by the Osaka-based Access Games and directed by Hidetaka "Swery" Suehiro. The original game came out on both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in Japan, but, "We faced some challenges... We weren't able to release the full experience" that was intended, he said. Because of this, the game "was not released on the PS3 in the West."Despite its weaknesses, he recognizes that the game has "developed a cult