is intense, likely more so than the classic arcade environment. "There's so much product out there that's infinitely, immediately available," said Adam."It's maybe even easier now for users to NBA 2K18 MT turn off their phones or mobile device, instead of physically moving to play another game [in an arcade]." said BlackleyOne of the appeals of new platforms like the iPhone and iPad are the new control options that touch screens and accelerometers offer. Owen Rubin, known for Major Havoc, referenced


Wii and how that attracted so many people to NBA 2K17 MT games. "That controller was so different," and people didn't mind that the Wii had less processing power.Adam added, "[Control is] just as important as it was 35 years ago. What we're selling is the ego gratification of you being in control of a complex machine in a complex world ... where you're not here, you're in there."He added, "In our daily lives, we don't have that control. .. So if I can feel that [control] over a complex machine ... that's really what we focus on, that ego gratification."And of course, fun."


  Before it became a reality, Kickstarter community director Cindy Au used to fantasize about her company helping one of her favorite video game designers, Tim Schafer, create a new game."I remember really early in my days at Kickstarter thinking, 'Wouldn't it be so cool if Tim Schafer were to do a game project at Kickstarter?'" she reflects."I remember even sending an email to my new co-workers at the time," says Au, who has been described to us as the company's "resident game enthusiast.""


to go from that kind of musing two years ago to what happened yesterday has been incredible, as an employee here and on a personal level."What "happened yesterday" was so huge even Kickstarter itself couldn't have predicted it. "In my mind I thought, at the end of 30, 35 days or so, they'll probably hit their goal and maybe go a little bit over," Au reflects.But just 8 hours after launching a $400,000 campaign to raise funds for an "honest to goodness adventure game" led by the creator at