hardware and software teams would be the best path forward for the development of the Nintendo 3DS.Konno works for legendary creator Shigeru Miyamoto, and alluded to  FIFA Coins how he learned to please the famously demanding developer.During the development of NES title Ice Hockey of which Konno served as director, he shared a memory of "Mr. Miyamoto being very picky -- that is to say, critical of the feel of the controls and gameplay... I believe he must have been really passionate about it.


This critical eye, being picky, has become an important part of my game experience." Miyamoto famously "upends the tea table," or forces staff to refigure their projects drastically to FIFA Mobile Coins  continue development. "It's a scary thought," Konno says. "One time I hope to catch the tea table as it's being upended," says Konno. "I've been doing research on how to acquire this skill at this point I have not mastered it. One thing I have learned to do and strive to consistently do is to make reports,


consult with my bosses in a timely fashion."The Path of 3DS DevelopmentIn 2008, Nintendo president/CEO Satoru Iwata and Miyamoto asked Konno to take over development of the 3DS project -- up till then a hardware-only concern. "I said 'yes' without worrying too much," Konno says. "This was the beginning of my journey into the unknown. I believe that being consistently curious about things provides us with the driving force to learn and grow." However, he admits,


"While I had some truly enjoyable experiences... the truth is I had more difficulties. This is something to contemplate from now on." One thing the project did confirm to fifaah him, however, is "The incredible power we can produce when we all work together for a common goal." The team identified three major goals for the new handheld -- which was not 3D when the project began development. Players must be able to carry it with them, connect to each other, and get something new every day.