dollars on, it slowed the development of new techniques required to FIFA Coins push the SC franchise onto the next generation of consoles (the XBox 360, circa 2005)pile times were painfully slow, link times were in the order of minutes and it suffered from the classic Unreal issue of requiring huge rebuilds whenever you changed a .uc script file (used to define your interfaces to the editor, among other things partially solved in Unreal 3).There were many levels of pipeline and engine indirection added to


titles that were slowing down the iteration and development of Buy FIFA 18 Coins new techniques, simultaneously contributing to a lack of runtime performance on the target platform.After a couple of months, we were at a few seconds for compile/link on the PC, sub-1 second single file iteration times, vastly simpler/faster import pipelines, multi-threaded performance that was orders of magnitude faster on the Xbox 360 than the old engine, the ability to live edit C++ rendering code


no compile dependency on Unreal.As a result we lost a few key technologies along the way that would have helped immensely, such as the ability to carve indoor space up using BSP volumes. We also ended up recreating some already existing features such as light association control and skeletal attachments. But the full story is something for another day and Stephen Hill's fantastic GDC 2010 piece on the development of some of the rendering technologies can give a bit


insight (Rendering with Conviction).This post will cover just the reflection API developed to replace Unreal's object model. The implementation was very simple, written in a couple of days, constrained to a single cpp/h file pair and slowly grew as the needs of the engine evolved.It also helped us develop the new engine while the old engine was still active, supporting 50 odd developers and keeping game progress undisturbed. It is my hope that I can demonstrate how to u2fifa