Further, only assists on NBA 2K18 MT madebaskets are counted in the box score, which means that any extrapolation of assist percentage on all field goal attempts is also an estimate. Consider this another plea for the tracking of potential assists. Please please please.)If you create a lot of shots for yourself and your teammates and don't get set up by teammates when you shoot, you are deemed a Creator, you win a laurel of lavender and your Creation


Ratio will be high. If you rely on  NBA 2K17 MT teammates to set you up and don't get many assists, you are not a Creator,you probably believe in the Welfare Stateand your Creation Ratio will be relatively low.Since we're talking about scorers, I teased out only the 39 players who played 40 or more games, 30 minutes a game and scored more than 20 points per 40 minutes.God bless Hoopdata for the hoop data.


 I put True Shooting percentage on the x axis to give an indication of scoring efficiency, and Creation Ratio is on the y. Prepare for subversion. Among the top scorers in the NBA, Russell Westbrook is by far the top Creator. He doesn't just lead the pack in Creation Ratio among top scorers: by our estimates of assisted misses and free throw opportunities, Westbrook created more shots per 40 minutes than any other player, with 29.


Derrick Rose came in nba18mt second with 26 shots created per 40 minutes, and LeBron James followed at No. 3 with 23 and change. (Kobe Bryant was just behind LeBron.) Westbrook fits all the criteria for a prolific creator: he racks up assists (9.4 per 40), he takes a lot of shots (19.5 field goals and 8.8 free throws per 40) and his makes are almost never assisted by a teammate (with an assisted percentage of just 17.4 percent).