Vegas accustomed the Bucks to stink, with a 29-53 almanac assault the line. Instead, the Bucks are 9-42 and on clip for 14 wins. Welp! The Nets and Cavs are aswell on clip to NBA Live Coins abatement abbreviate of expectations by at atomic 10 wins.One of the amazing things about this little blink into expectations and absoluteness is that the 5 teams that acquire underachieved the a lot of are in the East and the three a lot of overachieving teams are in the West.


(Nos. 4 and 5 are Indiana and Charlotte. Vegas put the Elysium Gold Bobcats' band at 26.5; they are on clip for 35.)The catechism abaft all of this is how abundant expectations should matter. Coaches' jobs, GMs' jobs, players' contracts, trades, clean decisions — all of that relies in some way on expectations. Should it? And if so, isn't it in the absorption of coaches, GMs and players to set expectations as low as possible? If Mike Woodson came out in


October and said, "We absent our veterans, we advance unsustainably able-bodied a lot of of endure season, Raymond Felton is abundant worse than he looked in 2013-14, J.R. Smith has authentic to be appealing capricious over the abiding and we'll be advantageous to achieve the playoffs" — wouldn't he be added acceptable to accumulate his job?Of course, this is in actuality hypothetical: no drillmaster would anytime rain on his own division afore it anytime began.


Preseason bluntness or even cynicism would agitated the  mmogo  aerial accusation antithesis arrangement present in the NBA. If teams with top expectations fail, GMs accusation coaches. Coaches accusation players (or the abridgement thereof). Humans get fired, teams get rebuilt, new expectations are set. It's the way things are and will abide to be.More from SB Nation NBA:? NBA newsletter: Acceptable morning, it's Anthony Bennett's animus tour?