Coutinho played in both legs of the NBA Live Coins EFL Cup semi final against Southampton and Liverpool didn't score.Now they're in all sorts of trouble. It's one win in seven and if they lose to Chelsea on Tuesday you wonder if they'll even finish in the top four.Those are the games you expect your big players to show up in. Those are the games you pay them the big money for.So it's time for Coutinho to show up.

His team needs him. He hasn't scored since November. Yes, he's been injured but Buy NBA Live Mobile Coins he's played seven times since then. The Premier League's top earners WHICH Premier League players take home the most dough each week? 1 / 24 GETTY 20-. Willian - £120,000-a-week Liverpool badly need a result against Chelsea. But I just can't see Chelsea losing.They only need a draw and then Liverpool will be doing them favours the rest of the season because they've still got to play most of Chelsea's rivals.Liverpool look tired.

All these games are catching up with them. They used to look like the Red Arrows. Now they look like a Subbuteo team, hardly moving at all.No-one's making those runs off the ball any more. It is hard to play that pressing game all the time, but for most of this season they've only been playing once a week because they're not in Europe.Now they've had to play a lot of games in one month it's caught up with them. But they can't use that as an excuse.Some of it is their own fault.

They didn't take the FA Cup seriously enough and ended up having to play another game at Plymouth, which is a long journey. GETTY Philippe Coutinho has recently signed a new Liverpool contract I dread to think what will happen if they lose at home to Wolves today, or end up with a replay.The EFL Cup has hurt them as well, and now they've got nothing to show for it. But I wouldn't blame Klopp too much.Some of what's happened has been out of his control.please visit