" that could explain to the player that the beastie was about to  FIFA Coins move, turn, or attack. We also had a threat range that the player could back out of, which would make the beastie stop. This was just way too much information, and even when players understood all of it, the gameplay was not terribly fun.Every prototype was put in front of people in the office and playtested side-by-side. We judged the designs primarily on their ease of use and how easy they were to


, but also in terms of depth and overall fun. We hoped that combat would be a cornerstone of the Madden nfl mobile coins game for all our players--even those who had never experienced combat in a game before. We went with a very simple final design that had a handful of basic mechanics, which included critical hits that caused stuns, weapon upgrades that dealt more damage, and dodges. When the player is damaged, he loses a unit of energy (which is used every action in the game).While this went


our core design value of never punishing our players, it allowed us to give them a feeling of judgment and mastery that we couldn't get otherwise. We like to think that IJAW was one of the first Zynga games with consequences. To our surprise, players never found the damage confusing, and they embraced it as part of the game.Don't try to innovate everywhereInnovation is great, but trying to innovate in every single facet of your game can actually alienate your established


. The Indiana Jones Adventure World team found this out the hard way:The goal for IJAW was to innovate with new gameplay and establish a new genre of social adventure games. As it turns out, that is really hard. We tried to innovate with every mechanic, user interface, and idea in the game with the intention of building something new. This became dangerous because social game players have come to expect a set of features that they believe should be part of https://www.mmogo.com/