great on the iPad 2 using let's say, three stereo streams, is useless on earlier phones with only a single music stream available. It's important that audio designs still do the game justice on the NBA Live Coins minimum spec platform. Brian Schmidt: The style of game you'll do for a mobile is most often very different from a console or PC title, as Kenny alludes to. You don't need the big choir-orchestra so much as tasty simple bits to complement the game. In addition to download size, for web-


games, sometimes the developer is extremely concerned with "time to Cheap FIFA 17 Coins play" -- that is, from the time the user clicks on the game icon, they want to start playing the game within seconds. A game that requires lengthy downloads won't hold the user's attention, and they'll click and go do something else rather than wait even 60 seconds for a download or install. A phone or web game will have a far smaller team and you will probably be the only audio person, so if you're a composer


get used to doing sound effects -- and not hacky, crappy ones! SFX is probably more important than music in many of these games. The SFX for these gmaes are much more likely to be abstract -- or non-diegetic -- than on consoles, so get good at knowing how to inform the player with sound without annoying them.Scott Selfon: You should also aim for agility and "purity" of vision -- game production schedules and budgets mean there will likely be a sole audio creating force.


it's a double-edged sword; often the composer or sound designer will really get to explore and own their audio direction from top to bottom, but they'll also face the challenges we've seen on mmogo previous generation platforms -- small budgets, limited time to develop and iterate, working without a functional game build, and a dependence on an often part-time audio programmer to drop in the sounds. The need for mature tools becomes that much more important to get beyond the "