mysterious title.In June, Respawn hired Stig Asmussen, a developer best known for his work on the God of War series at SCE's Santa Monica studio. According to Zampella, Asmussen's heading to NBA 2K18 MT up Respawn's second, non- Titanfall development team. Exactly what they're working on Zampella won't say, but whatever the game is, it's still very early in the development cycle.At the moment, the team's small, and Zampella notes that Respawn is still figuring out what we're doing and really kind of honing in on what the next games will be. He does tease the idea that the game may not be a first-person


shooter; when the interviewer asks about Asmussen's background with third-person action titles, Zampella simply says the studio is proceeding with an open mind. Titanfall hasn't been to Cheap NBA 2K17 VC forgotten, either. While there won't be any more content (other than bug fixes) for the first title, Zampella remains adamant that the company still want to make more Titanfall. He also dangles the possibility that, next time, Titanfall won't be an Xbox exclusive: Respawn's deal with Microsoft was limited to the first game, and Respawn, not EA, owns the Titanfall IP.Whatever Respawn's got up their sleeve, however, don't expect to see it soon,


 as the studio will be skipping E3 this summer. As Zampella says, after a busy 2014, it's time for the studio to put marketing and public demonstrations aside and get back to work.What do you hope to see from Respawn: another try at long-term success with a Titanfall-esque property, or a fresh start in a new genre? Share your hopes in the comments. Game Informer Select Fans Start 'Halo 5: Guardians' Early Access Beta Tomorrow. For many Halo fans, the last month or so has been spent in frustration while 343 Industries attempts to fix the matchmaking problems in Halo: The Master Chief Collection with patch after patch. There were some big promises


attached to the Master Chief Collection and although it delivered on a gorgeous remastered edition of Halo 2, its goal to create one hub for playing all the Halo competitive maps has been full of problems.A select group of lucky fans will get to leave those neverending waiting lines behind for the next ten days and start testing out the next generation of Halo instead Halo 5: Guardians is likely almost a full year away from retail launch, but 343 Industries promised fans that they would get a taste of the game in a very important beta long before the launch. That beta begins for Halo: The Master Chief Collection owners on December 29, but Xbox One Preview members will to