The RuneFest and thrilling Halloween parties may have ended, but surprises in RS have no ends! RuneScape developer Jagex has detailed the new updates set for this month.Let's see the WOW Goldupdates that will be made available this month as follows:Thanksgiving 2011There will be a great turkey event for Thanksgiving of this year. Free players and members completing the turkey event will be able to unlock the new Thanksgiving crest for their herald capes, which will also


change the turkey emote if played while worn. Members will also be able to Cheap WOW Goldunlock a brand new turkey pet!Re-working the InterfaceAll the efforts will be made by Jagex to re-work a "top level interface" which involves an overhaul of the interfaces that are used by players all the time. They are improving the style and functionality, and are introducing a new vibrant colour scheme.New WebsiteThe current Runescape site will be replaced by a new one. The new design is a big departure


from the current look and feel. They aim to capture the grand sense of adventure and exploration that RuneScape offers and bring that right out into the foundations of the site, while keeping all of the great features and information that you use on a day-to-day basis.New Slayer DungeonA new Slayer Dungeon, Polypore Dungeon, will be launched toward the end of the month. A ramokee has snuck into RuneScape and used her skinweaving powers to create a variety of horrific new monsters, many of which can only be killed by high-level slayers, and are best tackled with magic. Those who can defeat the ganodermic beasts (level 95 Slayer) may emerge with a unique kind of battlestaff and the materials to make incredibly


protective mage armour. Elsewhere in the Buy Cheap WOW Gold dungeon, there’ll be mage armour for lower-level fighters, and a very suspicious mushroom for PKers to eat.One Piercing NoteA new quest One Piercing Note will be born in November. Requirements for this quest:None (besides being members-only)Higher-level players who own god books can return after the quest for a new activity requiring level 60 in Prayer and Crafting.Wilderness Graphical UpdateLast, but not least, Jagex is planning on reworking large areas of the Wilderness graphics.To coincide with the update of Jagex, we will of course be upgrading our site. If you can't find what you are looking for you can contact us via our 24/7 Live Chat Help or send us an email and we will add it as soon as possible.The mmogo Team MMORPG & MPOG Top list TopLists

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