Maxis owner Electronic Arts is scheduled to FIFA Coins  host a sponsored session titled "Inside the GlassBox" at next week's Game Developers Conference.While the description for the Wednesday morning GDC session, presented by Maxis and EA's Ocean Quigley, Andrew Willmott, and Dan Moskowitz, does not directly mention SimCity, it says that the GlassBox engine was "built from the ground up to power the next entry in one of [EA's] most beloved franchises."A separate EA



Changers event being held off Madden 18 mobile coins site during GDC is billed as discussing the "power to change a world together", and its first announced speakers include Oscar-winning film director David Guggenheim (The Inconvenient Truth) and Charity Water founder Scott Harrison.Since the release of the mainline SimCity 4 in 2003, the city management series has until now only seen spinoff titles such as SimCity Societies, as well as a number of ports to handhelds, browsers, and mobile devices.Gamasutra has contacted Electronic Arts for further comment, but has not heard back as of press time.(Image credit: Spanish gaming site Jirbo)




Digital Capital, the newly created fund for downloadable game developers, has selected Independent Games Festival award winner and Powerhead Games CEO/creative director Jason Schreiber (Async Corp.) as its first partner.As part of that partnership, Switzerland-based Digital Capital and Schreiber have formed a new joint company called Digital Power Entertainment in Dublin, which will work with the Powerhead Games studio in New York City on a new IP




will release to unspecified digital platforms in early 2013.Powerhead has mostly worked on licensed handheld titles (e.g. Ubisoft's Imagine and Petz series) since it was founded in 2000, but it's also released a handful of original games to critical acclaim, such as 2010 Mobile IGF winner Glow Artisan (Best Mobile Game Design) and 2012 IGF finalist Async Corp. (Best Mobile Game).The company was close to shuttering last June, though, as it laid off all twelve of