Eurogamer Here's How To Use Twitch on Xbox One. There was a time when capturing your favorite games on camera required some real dedication. You'd pony up for an expensive capture card — plug it all in, and then set to filling your entire hard drive with hours upon hours of delicious content. Not so with the latest generation of home consoles — as both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 launched with video sharing capabilities right out of the Neverwinter Astral Diamonds box.As any 'Let's


Play' aficionado will tell you, these features are only as good as their eventual destination, be that YouTube, Dailymotion or even Youku. Sadly, none of the above are all that capable when it comes to madden mobile coins live streaming, an omission that leaves the likes of in a commanding position. Having already debuted on PS4, the video airing service is now available on Xbox One, as part of a system-wide update launched earlier today.Introducing users to the newly integrated


 service, Microsoft's Major Nelson took to YouTube this Sunday, broadcasting a brief how-to guide to Twitch. The video, available above, reminds gamers to sign up for a free Twitch account, before re-jigging their privacy settings to allow for gameplay broadcasts. Nelson then goes to detail some of the options available to eager streamers, including manual bit rate tweaks, various viewing modes, and a social suite that alerts players to friend's live feeds.Given the range


of issues typically associated with software launchesparticularly those relying upon massed server strength — it'll be interesting to see just how well the Twitch service handles early demand. As Nelson notes in the above video, the Xbox team worked hard to bring Twitch integration to the console in time for Titanfall, a major IP that's sure to attract thousands, if not millions of active livestreamers.With so much expectation surrounding the title there's never been a better to