Certainly doesn't look good. I wouldn't be 100 percent convinced that's what he said if the consensus weren't so sure of it, but looking at the NBA Live Mobile Coins footage with that conclusion in mind it's hard to think of anything else he could be saying there.Will the NBA hit him as hard as it did Kobe Bryant for saying the same thing to a referee? That'd be a $100,000 fine, by the way. Be sure to check out ourHeat vs.


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While60 Minutes was going in on Lance Armstrong, Derrick Rose sent out a statement denying he'd alleged the NBA has a similar problem with banned substances. Rose was quoted in the May issue of ESPN The Magazine as giving the NBA a "seven" on a scale of one to 10, with one being "not even trying" and 10 being "pro wrestling circa 1989," I guess.Here's Rose:Regarding the quote attributed to me in ‘ESPN The Magazine,'


 I do not recall making the nba18mt statement nor do I recall the question being asked. If that was my response to any question, I clearly misunderstood what was asked of me. But, let me be clear, I do not believe there is a performance enhancing drug problem in the NBA. Rose alsopointed out Sunday night how frequently NBA players get drug tested, saying surely one of those four annual tests per player would turn up something.For more on Rose and the Bulls, joinBlog a BullandSB Nation Chicago.NBA Draft Combine Measurements: Kawhi Leonard Has Massive Hands