Shirley - Young and Evra with Yang Yang in the ribs to complete the pass, Valencia's header is blocked by the lintel, but Van Persie after two blanket to  Madden Mobile Coins break the deadlock. According to statistics, Mata in 2012-13 season passing rate of 85% success, which contains 96 successful long pass. Manchester United fans to see such a vision and foot can not help but think of midfielder low-key master Scholes,


And in the last year when Scholes in  MUT 18 Coins MUTV accept Gary - Neville interview was asked you most admire which Premier League players, the ginger head answer is Mata. Of course, Mata in Chelsea during the opportunity to create opportunities and teammates for guns is its good at. Since the summer of 2011, Mata has created 227 opportunities in the Premiership, second only to David Silva (259) ranked second and most creative players, almost every 27 times will help teammates to create a Threatened the opportunity;


and he finished in two and a half years 27 times the Premiership assists, only less than Silva 2, today just put on Manchester United shirt is no exception. The first 19 minutes, Mata right oblique pass, Ashley - Young inserted on the pity failed to complete the shot missed the opportunity. Fortunately, the second half of Ashley - Yang finally did not live up to Mata's kindness. The first 59 minutes, Mata Road, the ball handed over to the Yang, the latter left ribbed band and then in the restricted area outside a long shot break.


 And before the Mata has been quietly took over the goal of Manchester United positioning the ball, according to statistics Mata tonight to hand over the technical data is 1 assists 2 shot 3 times the ball, passing success rate of 86%. It can be said that this is a good data sheet. Mata although there is no less than the ball, but after he joined the team in depth pass the ball more, and his "stimulus" role is also affecting the other teammates.

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