Sony, Ubisoft, EA, and Nintendo all holding special press conferences. That's going to be changing a bit this year with a brand new company added to the lineup. Bethesda made a surprising to NBA 2K18 VC announcement a couple months ago revealing that it has decided to hold a press conference this year as well.As June draws closer, Bethesda has begun the process of getting fans excited at what may be shown this year. As the speculation continues online, fans may have just gotten their first big clue.Bethesda has recently sent out their RSVP invitations to members of the press for its upcoming E3 press conference. The invite reveals specific information about the event including that the show is


happening on June 14 at the Dolby Theater. That's not the most to Cheap NBA 2K17 MT interesting aspect however.The invite clearly shows a number of well known characters from various Bethesda franchises including BJ Blazkowicz from the Wolfenstein franchise, Sebastian from The Evil Within, a Cyberdemon from the Doom series, and a Tall Boy enemy from Dishonored. There's a bunch of additional characters that eagle-eyed fans could pick out but the biggest franchise people have been talking about is one that actually doesn't have any sort of representation in the image: Fallout.With notable Fallout characters like the Pipboy or a Super Mutant absent from the invite, speculation has been raging across the internet


as to why this franchise was left off the picture. A popular fan theory highlights the lack of Fallout character due to it already being on stage presenting to everyone else in the audience. While this invite shouldn't be taken as a confirmation on what games will be shown at Bethesda's E3 conference, it is interesting that the company would purposely leave such a popular franchise off of the picture.Speculation over the next game in the Fallout franchise has been running strong for a few years now. With the last major entry, Fallout: New Vegas, releasing back in 2010, fans have been


approaching, what are you hoping to see from Bethesda this year? Here's what we'd love to see announced.Fans can tune into Bethesda's first ever press conference on Sunday, June 14, 2015.Source: games 'Project Cars' Release Date is May 8 in Europe; Full Track List Revealed. Project Cars has had quite the tumultuous journey eagerly awaiting a return to the wasteland. Bethesda has stated that its focus would be on shifting to its other projects once the final DLC pack released for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and with leaked documents pointing to Fallout 4's location being set in Boston, Massachusetts, the evidence has been building for a potential new reveal.With E3 quickly to