million players across PC, Mac, iPad and Windows 8. And with Android and iPhone releases planned for the next six months and PS4/Xbox One releases being considered too, that figure to FIFA 17 Points is only set to rise.Good news for Blizzard then, as the game is largely responsible for their recently reported $481 million digital revenue. But what's harming that is Hearthstone's raging bot problemwhich is exactly why the developer is now doing something about it.Software that allows players


 to automate gameplay to easily earn gold to Cheap Fut Coins  (to pay for card packs) and get to higher ranks, Hearthstone bots spoil the fun for everybody who's made the effort to play the game as designed. Blizzard recently announced plans to combat the scourge, punishing those responsible: We've recently banned several thousand Hearthstone accounts that were associated with the use of third-party programs that automate gameplay, otherwise known as “bots” or “botting.” These accounts


will be banned until 2015. As we’ve stated, fair play is at the core of the Hearthstone experience, and cheating and botting will not be tolerated. The developer has received backlash, with some players feeling that the bans are lenient. In World of Warcraft Blizzard doled out permanent bans to those trying to gain from illicit means, so for Blizzard to offer a 'slap on the wrist now, perma-ban later' deterrent, it might seem a lot less steep.But, despite making that announcement


just days ago Blizzard's warning is already having an effect. The creator of the most popular Hearthstone bot tool called Hearthcrawler – is shutting down, saying that after discussing this with Blizzard, it's clear we have to take off our services/products now.The statement offered by the Hearthcrawler team was short but it's clear that Blizzard is doing its bit to make the game a lot fairer for players. It's likely that they've taken this initiative now to clear the game of cheaters ahead to