not have expected it, but Signal Studios' Toy Soldiers: Cold War appears to have sold better than any other Summer of Arcade title this year. The game added 115,448 players in the first week, for NBA 2K18 MT a total of 160,734 for the month.That's more than Bastion, Shadow Planet and Fruit Ninja Kinect. It might have been beaten by From Dust, but due to its Leaderboard implementation, we're unable to check ourselves.Funny thing is, it's actually sold a little less than the original game did as


of the 2010 Block Party. Back then, the first game added 116,150 players in the first week and 60,000 in the second, so even with the addition of Summer of Arcade promotion, the NBA 2K18 VC game still sold less than the first did.All In All, It's Just Another Hole In The WallOnce the Summer of Arcade was over, we returned to the land of too-many-games, with three titles coming out the same week: Street Fighter III, Crazy Machines: Elements, and Hole In The Wall.The only game we could


was Hole In The Wall, the second XBLA title using Kinect. It's reviewed quite poorly, though, and only 3,567 players were on the Leaderboards.For Street Fighter III, we could at least see some of the online multiplayer Leaderboards -- in which there were around 13,000 players. However, the actual sales are likely a lot higher. Crazy Machines: Elements has no Leaderboards we could follow, but it has reviewed quite poorly.The Trials Of PinballNo new tables or downloadable content


month -- sales for both Pinball FX 2 and Trials HD are slowly dropping down over time. Things might pick up again once the Ms. Splosion Man table is released in September.Earlier In The nba18mt SummerLooking back at Bastion, the first title for Summer of Arcade this year, it has continued to sell well into August. Nearly 150,000 copies have sold over the past 6 weeks. It's ultimately slower than Toy Soldiers or Fruit Ninja, but it will most likely hit 200,000 copies by the end of the year.