k are all and the Disney Infinity titles have sold massively well to RS Gold too. These phenomenal levels of success were likely the key reason why Warner Bros. recently revealed their take on the genre, LEGO Dimensions, which will be out later this year. LEGO Dimensions will combine gameplay from existing LEGO-fied series of games with physical plastic toys. The game will use the LEGO Toy Pad and the LEGO Gateway (a portal that can be made out of LEGO bricks) to put things into the game such as minifigures (toy versions of characters) and vehicles. Some of these characters include LEGO versions of Batman, Gandalf, Gollum, Wonder Woman, and Legolas, as well as characters from The LEGO Movie.


Plus, as the LEGO Dimensions announcement to RuneScape 3 Gold   trailer showed off, there will also be a LEGO Batmobile.But these aren't the only characters who will be running around in LEGO Dimensions' virtual world; LEGO and Warner Bros. Interactive (the game's publisher) will need to do more to keep younger family members occupied. That's why they've now announced even more highly collectible LEGO Dimensions add-on packs, along with a new trailer.The newly announced packs are:DC Comics Team Pack including LEGO Joker and LEGO Harley Quinn minifigures and two vehiclesThree


DC Comics Fun Packs including LEGO Superman, LEGO Aquaman, and LEGO Bane minifigures and their vehicles Back to the Future Fun Pack with a LEGO Doc Brown minifigure with a LEGO DeLoreanTwo LEGO Ninjago Fun Packs with Sensei Wu and LloydUnfortunately no prices have been announced for any of these packs but Warner Bros. has confirmed that all of the characters and vehicles will work together in-game and up to seven characters, vehicles, and weapons can be used with the LEGO Toy Pad at once to create extreme gameplay cross-overs.One of the biggest draws of The LEGO Movie (which made almost half a billion dollars at the box office) was the way that it brought


different universes together in one, brick-based adventure so LEGO and Warner to RSGOLE  Bros. will be hoping that the same appeal applies here.Additionally, Warner Bros' says that future expansion pack purchases will continue to work with the LEGO Dimensions Starter Pack and that there will be no compatibility chart necessary. This is a sly dig at the likes of Skylanders and Disney Infinity which have both had to release compatibility charts in order to explain which figures and collectibles work with which versions of the game. LEGO Dimensions' ease of compatibility could be a huge reason to buy the game, which LEGO and WB will be counting on as