version of the PlayStation Blog. As a result, the voice-over is in Spanish too but a user on NeoGAF posted the following translation: 20 years. It's a lot of time. Look around to Neverwinter Astral Diamonds  you and see everything you've obtained. You've ruled in infinite places, you've conquered and freed. You've built and destroyed. You've been the light against the darkness. However, this time is different; this time, it's real. For the first time, your actions has real consequences. They need your help. I know you can hear them. The power to change things is in your hands The '20 years' that the Emagon teaser


 refers to could just be establishing the timeline for the game but it's more likely referring to PlayStation's history. The PlayStation Blog post directly refers to the PS One's to Buy Dofus Touch Kamas  release in 1994, and the PlayStation brand's 20th anniversary is this month, so perhaps Emagon will be used to commemorate that.It's for that reason that some are also suggesting that Emagon may be a Project Morpheus game. '20 years' could be used to note how far gaming has come while The power to change things is in your hands could mean that Emagon will offer a tangible gameplay experience via the use of Sony's upcoming


VR (Virtual Reality) headset. That seems to fit in with the footage in the teaser too.From a first person perspective, we see a character explore a forest using a compass and we also see a futuristic HUD too. Both would work well with Project Morpheus. Furthermore, there's a possibility that Emagon is just a working title for the project. Read backwards Emagon says 'Nogame' and it is also an anagram for 'Game on' and several other possibilities.According to the PlayStation Blog post we'll find out more about Emagon (which they call PlayStation's best kept secret) on December 5th. December 5th is the date of The


Game Awards and so Emagon could be one of the dozen or so world premieres that host Geoff Keighley has been talking up. December 6th is also the kick off date for the Sony hosted PlayStation Experience event where several titles will be shown off and many will be playable too.Expect more from us on Emagon towards the end of the week. PlayStation Blog Broken Age: Act 2 Is Finally Coming Early 2015 . It's hard to believe that developer and indie publisher Double Fine began their Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for a retro point-and-click adventure game in early 2012, bringing in millions of dollars and help pushing Kickstarter into the spotlight to