, creepers, and pick-axes are likely familiar with how much work players put into their Minecraft creations. The idea of leaving behind whatever castles, moats, and other creations we've built when we move on to next-gen consoles is a sad reality most Minecraft users have been preparing to face. According to FIFA Coins a tweet from 4J Studios Twitter account, players transitioning from Xbox 360 to Xbox One may see their save states transfer to the next-gen port after all. The potential for


transfers comes as a bit of  Cheap FIFA 18 Coins a surprise after Microsoft's Phil Spencer suggested that the bigger worlds in the next-gen version of the game might cause compatibility issues with the Xbox 360 save states. Initially, when the title was first announced, Spencer said that the Xbox One version would be a 'new product' and that previous saves would not be accessible on new consoles.Spencer didn't rule out the possibility of save transfers when he revisited the issue back in June, but his


did leave many Minecrafters hungry for more details. Nothing has been confirmed yet, but fans can rest a bit easier knowing that 4J Studios and Microsoft are still searching for a solution. If 4J and Microsoft find a solution and save files end up making their way to the Xbox One, the companies will likely have a new slew of questions to answer regarding skin and texture DLC packs that consumers have purchased and incorporated into their Xbox 360 games. It seems highly


that the DLC packs will transfer over to the next-gen console, but if the save transfers are confirmed, there's no doubt that fans will have plenty of questions about what will and won't make it's way over to the Xbox One. More details will come out once we have official word on whether or not the save transfers will be available, so until then keep your fingers crossed. Minecraft is currently available on Mac, PC, and Xbox 360. 4J Studios Blizzard Interested in Annual 'World of http://www.u2fifa.com/