how we were going to resolve them. I had even brought beautifully wrapped, engraved pens for each of them. We had a fantastic lunch where we all laughed and had great conversation, and they left the U.S. the following day with videos of the code running and screenshots to show the rest of the department. They were excited and so were we.What came next was shocking and horrible. Two days after they had arrived home from our meeting, the NBA Live Coins earthquake and tsunami happened in


. Total devastation! For the first week, we had no idea if they were even alive. The Buy NFL Coins media here was alarmist, and we weren't sure whether their area had been affected. I sent them an email sending them our best wishes and hoped that they and their families were safe, but we heard nothing from them for a while.Correspondence became choppy, meetings ceased, and then came the email; "Our department has decided not to go ahead with the project". The email cited the earthquake and


as the cause. They were making cuts.Gutted.For a few days I was depressed, questioning whether it really was the earthquake or something we had done or said at the meeting, I replayed it all in my mind over and over again, but then a thought popped into my head and I haven't worried about it since. We kicked ass! WE ABSOLUTELY KICKED ASS! We did the very best that we could do with what we had, and we managed to take this idea of me starting my own


to working on 2 huge titles with a huge AAA studio within a matter of MMOGO  months, learning as we went along every single step of the way.That was my first foray into starting up my own studio, and we have moved on a lot since then. We're not making millions here, but we are making money. In fact, Nameless just signed a small programming-related contract last week. We're doing it! I couldn't ask for anything more at this point. :)[This piece was reprinted from #AltDevBlogADay,